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Self publishingPosted by John Barlow Thu, January 05, 2012 11:15:48

There’s really nothing quite so self-indulgent as having a public conversation with yourself. Nigel Bird (author of DIRTY OLD TOWN, amongst others) invited me to try a self-interview for his crime fiction site SEA MINOR. The result is posted there today. I don’t think I disgraced myself.

Sales of HOPE ROAD have been hampered by my own incompetence. I still haven’t got the book up on Apple, B&N, Tescos, Waterstones... It all takes longer than I had imagined, compared to the quick-silver service that Amazon provides. It is a recurring theme in discussions of e-publishing: Amazon really do seem to do things better than the rest.

Anyway, the book has now sold 50 copies, which sounds like nothing, but I’m quite happy about it, given that until today there had been almost no publicity at all. Plus, I am incredibly happy to remind myself that even if the book is not a runaway bestseller in the first eight weeks, a) it will still be freely available thereafter, b) the rights will still be mine.

Finally, Joe Konrath has decided to subsist on nothing but beer and water for 30 days. The kind of thing every writer should be doing. Go Joe!

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