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ISLANDERS - my first YA novel

YA fictionPosted by John Barlow Thu, November 01, 2012 19:33:42

Here's the cover of my new novel, ISLANDERS. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in this case please do.

ISLANDERS is ready to go, and we already have a bunch of reviews and other features lined up for the launch date, November 16th.

And how's this for an early review! The reviewer, Vicki, is a school librarian. There's no better source of opinion on YA fiction than that. What a great start to the publicity campaign!

Right. I'm off to Madrid, not that this is relevant to anything...

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Posted by Debbie Thrower Sat, December 01, 2012 18:26:35

Yep, the same. Coming to seville again any time soon?

Posted by JB Sun, November 04, 2012 22:52:30

Hi Debbie. yep, all the big sites (Sony, Kobo, Apple...). BTW are you Debbie from Seville? I ask because I remember talking to you about the book when I was there last Feb. (There's no way of knowing your IP/email etc. from the blog stats.)

Posted by Debbie Thrower Sun, November 04, 2012 09:09:05

Hi John. I've just read Vicki's review. Wow! Will it be on ePub sites (i.e. not Amazon)? Looking forward to it. Debbie.

Posted by JB Sat, November 03, 2012 20:56:20

Since you've read it about a dozen times, I would have thought you'd know, Sam! (NB helps run Storm Books)

Posted by Sam Bridges Fri, November 02, 2012 18:55:43

Looking forward to it, JB. What's it about then...?